Visual measurement and adjustment technology

Hörgeräteakustiker in Berlin bietet Hörgeräte-Messung, Audiometrie und Anpassung an

Progressive, computer based hearing aid measurement and audiometry

Whenever you visit one of our specialized Aurrex shops in Berlin our comptetent employees create detailed hearing test, with the help of the newest measurement and adjustment technology. In this progressive, computer based system, hearing aid measurements, adjustments and audiometry are included. Hereby specific hearing details are optimal cleared.

We can show the positive effects of a correct setting of the hearing device byvisualizing hearing and understanding. Furthermore relatives can inform themselves about the meaining of hearing loss for our customers through the newest measurement and adjustment technology.

Through the so called Visible Speech and Real Life Fitting, an optimal adjustment of a hearing device or running through potentual hearing modells, is possible. During the Real Life Fitting, the customer watches short films where different real sounds of the environment can be heard and seen. Therefore the customer is, interactive and with his subjective sense, integrted in the process of adjusting the hearing device.Different hearing aids can be dircetly compared in the Visible Speech program. Therefore a suitable hearing device can be foundd for you.

Visit us in one of our two specialized shops in Berlin Wilmersdorf or Berlin Neukölln and convince yourself of the ultramodern technical equipment und of our high quality tests.