Types of hearing aids

In-the ear-aids (ITE) – tiniest technique for best possible hearing

In-the ear-aids fit in the ear and can hardly be seen from the outside. Thanks to laser technology the device is customised adjusted and doesn't move. The wearing comfort therefore is very high for each customer. Furthermore, different more complex in-the ear-aids are offered on the market:

  • In-the ear-aids , that are directly placed in the ear canal: Completely-in-the-canal (CITC). Therefore tiniest hearing aids, that are only a few milimeter in front of the eardrum. The modern hearing aids are not visible from the outside and offer a very good sound quality.
  • Other types of In-the ear-aids are those that fit in the concha. The concha devices are not used very much in practice.

This technology is installed in the small housing of the hearing system. Generally, different features and equipment are installed in the devices, e.g. easy to operate volume control.

Behind the ear aids (BTE) – optimal fit and optimal listening

Behind the ear hearing systems clearly differ from in-the ear-aids. The hearing aid in this case is positioned behind the ear. Through a tube the sound is led from the auditory system to the ear. At the other end of tube in the auditory canal an earmold is positioned. That earmold is individually adjusted and manufactured for each auditory canal. That way the hearing device fits perfectly well and doesn't slip.

Generally the hearing systems are hardly seen from the front and are available in every colour. In our specialized shops you also get very small behind the ear aids, that are so tiny, other people hardly ever seethem. They are just 2 cm big. In that way nobody notices that you wear hearing aids.

Extended wear hearing aids

The difference between BTE devices and extended wear hearing devices is a mini-loudspeaker, which is positioned at the end of a thin tube. The loudspeaker sits directly in the ear canal. The small amplifier, microfone and electronic chips are in the package behind the ear.

Look forward to a new hearing experience, to your recovered hearing and understanding without restrictions. Our team from Aurrex in Berlin Neukölln and Wilmersdorf will be happy to advise you and find the right hearing aid for you. If your hearing loss continues changing, we will adjust your hearing aids without any problem.

Open fit devices

With open fit devies the auditory canal is not completely sealed, because the earmold is e.g. opened by a vent. Therefore one of the advantages is the ventilation of the auditory canal. Howewer, an open fit is not in every case of hearing loss possible.

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