Tinnitus (sounds in the ears)

Beratung und Betreuung durch Ihren Hörgeräteakustiker in Berlin: Tinnitus, Ohrgeräuschen, Ohrentzündung, Hörsturz

The causes for very unpleasant ear noises are multiple

The perception of unpleasant ear noise is called tinnitus.Those sounds don't come from the outer environment, but are produced in the brain of the person affected. The percieved sounds can be buzzing, hissing, ringing or cracking. Tinnitus can occure on one ear or on both.

The causes for very unpleasant ear noises are multiple. The subjective tinnitus, that only the affected person can hear, can be caused by an ear infection, acute hearing loss, stress or others. The objective tinnitus, that can also be heard and measured by the person making examinations, is caused by breathing sounds. The last one occurs very seldom.

Our Aurrex team in Berlin will be happy to inform you about tinnitus and individual possibilities to minimize or even eliminate the disturbing ear noises with the help of hearing aids, tinnitus noiser or a combined devvice.