The path to your hearing device

Unsere Hörgeräteakustiker in Berlin beim Gespräch

At your first appointment in one of our specialized Aurrex shops in Berlin we ask you in detail about aour hearing ability and develop an anamnesis

Thereby we can see in which situations you have problems with your hearing. We explain to you the different types of our hearing devices. This talk is followed by a first test of your ears, whereby we focus on the outer ear, ear canal and eardrum. With the help of newest technology, we conduct a hearing test. In that way you get an exact picture of your hearing ability. Afterwards, we discuss the results of your sound and speech audiogram.

Our hearing aid professionals can, on request, make an appointment with your ENT physician. You get an identity card, to present it at the doctor's office. Your ENT physician makes a medical diagnosis and writes, if necessary, a regulation for cost reimbursement.

If you have a statutory insurance, we apply for the cost reimbursement directly to your health insurance fund. If you are privatelyinsured, you just submit the imvoice to your health insurance fond after a treatment. At your health insurance fond you can get information about the additional payment beforehand.

On the basis of your hearing profile and your wants and need we recommend you a suitable hearing system and find a matching hearing device together with you. After the selection we adjust it individually. As a result you can wear your new hearing device on a trial basis in your everyday environment.

Thereby our hearing aid professionals perform comparative adjustments. We recommend and allow you to try different hearing systems, to get comparable results. The trying base is non binding. Finally, the ENT physician performs a post-control.

Over the whole wearing time of hearing devices (6 years) we offer you an individual follow-up assistance. Our Aurrex team suggests to get your hearing devices checked regularly, about every three months.

Do you have the feeling, your hearing has changed? We will be happy to perform a hearing test and to re-adjust your hearing device. Visit us in one of our specialized shops in Berlin. Our experienced hearing aid professionals will find a solution for you.