Produkte from Aurrex hearing systems in Berlin

We need our ear, to communicate with other people, to hear loud and soft sounds and to locate them. If this sense is restricted, there are consequences for our behaviour in everyday life. New barriers accure. Familiar and preferred sounds disappear.

Our competent hearing care professionals from Aurrex hearing systems in Berlin-Neukkölln and Berlin-Mariendorf help pople with hearing loss get back a quality of life, by finding the best possible solution in form of hearing aids.

We quarantee the supply with appropriate hearing aids for people with mild, moderate or severe hearing loss. The use of hearing aids or noisers in case of tinitus, as well as provision with CROS instruments are also within our range. Furthermore we offer you many different types of hearing aids for every occasion, wheteher it is a concert or a day in the swimming pool.

Hearing devices

Hearing aids

Aurrex hearing systems in Berlin Neukölln and Berlin Mariendorf offers the right hearing devices for people with light and ... [more]



Aurrex hearing systems in Berlin Neukölln and Berlin Mariendorf provides you with useful supplies ... [more]

Hearing protection

Hearing protection

If at work or in your spare time – the hearing aid specialists fromAurrex hearing systems in Berlin offer optimal ... [more]