Our team

Hörgeräteakustiker Team in den Aurrex-Fachgeschäften Berlin-Mariendorf / Berlin-Neukölln

Longlasting experience, specialized knowledge and optimal service

Longlasting experience, specialized knowledge and optimal service define our team of hearing aid professionals, that is always at your service in the specialize Aurrex shops in Berin Wilmersdorf and Berlin Neukölln.

We always develop our knowledge, to always be up-to-date in the hearing aid technology and to offer you the best possible and newest supply with hearing aids and accessories.


Our competent team in Berlin

Shanna Katz-Imambekova

Shanna Katz-Imambekova (Dipl. Ing. Systemtechnik, Audiologist-Master)
Dipl. Ing. Systemtechnik, Audiologist-Master

Albina Langlitz

Albina Langlitz (Audiologist-Master)
Hearing Aids Master, Pediatrician

Maksim Jakobson

Maksim Jakobson (Audiologist, General Manager)
Audiologist, General Manager

Maik Bluhm

Maik Bluhm (Audiologist)

Leoni Hohmann

Leoni Hohmann (Audiologist-Master)

Fatme Iraki

Fatme Iraki (Assistance of Audiologist)
Assistance of Audiologist

Enise Karagoez

Enise Karagoez (Audiology Trainee)
Audiology Trainee

Natalia Riedel

Natalia Riedel (Finance Manager & Assistance of Audiologist)
Finance Manager & Assistance of Audiologist