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Die Weiterentwicklung von Hörgeräten

The development of hearing devices is always moving on

Constantly more innovative and technically matured hearing aid models are offered on the market. Furthermore there are changes from the health insurance fonds or publication of new studies all around hearing loss, reduced hearing and hearing aids. We regularly inform you about relevant news in the world of audiology.

Tinnitus and hearing loss in everyday life

Tinnitus in everyday life is a problem. By wearing hearing systems an improvement of tinnitus symptoms can be achieved. This was shown in the evaluation of newest studies on the topic of using hearing devices for tinnitus treatment. Read more about the connection between tinnitus and hearing loss.

Information about hearing loss for you patients

The Booklet contains much information all around hearing, hearing loss, hearing systems. It can be provided for your office, upon request, so that you can display them in your waiting room for your patients.

Best possible solution for every hearing situation

Choosing the right hearing solution depends on the individual hearing situation of your patients. A compilation of the company Phonak offers you a detailed overview:

Furthermore we cooperate with other manufacturer of high quality hearing devices and matching accessories.

Hearing and understanding via Bluetooth

With the help of a bluetooth compatible device a connection between hearing systems and TV, PC, telephone or teleloop can be established. The transmission of sounds is optimal because of the interposed device. Furthermore, Apps for iPhone to control the hearing systems is now available. In the following you can find examples and detailed information.