Information for relatives

Tipps für Angehörige

Tipps for relatives

People with good hearing often don't know how to handle the hearing loss of others. If you notice signs of hearing loss, ask them about it. A following hearing test is suggested, because it clearness. If the hearing loss is confirmed and a hearing device is required, following tipps can be helpful for relevants:

  • In a conversation with a hearing aid user slow and clear speech is important. Therefore a constant eye contact is relevant, because your lip movement and mimic helps a person who is hard of hearing to understand you.
  • Calling from one room to another, as well as loud noise , e.g. vacuum cleaner, hinder the conversation a should be avoided.
  • Hearing with a hearing aid is a learning process, that's why the concentration of the person with hearing loss – especially shortly after getting a new hearing device – can fade very fast. Don't put him under pressure. Give him the necessary time to master the understanding and hearing with a hearing device. Remember, a hearing device is not like glasses, that you simply put on and see perfectly well.
  • Be patient and assist your relatives or friends.
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