• Hearing systems of today

    Smallest high-performance computer

    Latest technology

    Wireless connection with mobile phone, TV, hi-fi equipment

    Hearing systems in every price segment

    high-standard hearing systems with digital technology and

    best speech comprehension – already for free charge

  • Hearing test

    For free and reliable

    With the help of latest measuring instrument

    Audiogram with measurements of sound and speech

    With high professional expertise

  • Optimal service

    Welcome atmosphere

    Quality product for best prices

    Extended warranty up to 5 years

    Longtime support

  • Hearing systems for free

    High quality with digital technique

    Good speech comprehension

    Modest and inconspicuous design

    Easy handling

  • Your health and your well being

    are very important to us.




    your Aurrex team is at your service.

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Aurrex hearing systems in Berlin

Hearing is great!

In our two Aurrex specialized shops for audiology in Berlin-Neukölln and Berlin-Wilmersdorf we ensure the best possible hearing solution for our customers. For several decades now we concentrate on people with hearing loss and through our high quality hearing aids we give them a new piece of quality of life. We eliminate the barrier, that separates them from their environment, in an acoustically form.

Years of experience, specialized knowledge and aoptimal service defines our team of hearing care professionals in Berlin Neukölln and Berlin-Wilmersdorf, that is always there for your hearing needs. We always develop our knowledge, to always be up to date of hearing systems and their technology and to offer you the best possible and latest care of hearing aids and supplies.

Our products


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About hearing

About hearing

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About us

About us

In our two specialized shops for hearing audiology in Berlin Neukölln, Wilmersdorf ... [more]



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