Hearing protection

Hörgeräteakustiker in Berlin: Gehörschutz

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If at work or in your spare time – noise and louder sounds are a part of everyday life. Especially in a big city our auditory sense absorbs many sounds and processes them in a matter of seconds. The auditory sense is always stressed more or less.

Through high, ongoing noise pollution the auditory sense can be permanently damaged. E.g. at a concert very loud music resounds on the ears of the musician and the enthusiastic audience. To avoid harming of the auditory sense, it is sometimes important and quite useful to wear suitable hearing protection.

In the swimming pool a special hearing protection prevents the ingress of water into the ear canal and the is no pressure on the ears.

Our hearing aid professional at Aurrex in Berlin offer you hearing protection for every situation. We provide you individual consultation. Thereby we listen to you requests and try to meet your wishes.