Hearing devices for free

Good hearing aids come at a price

Good hearing aids come at a price.Howewer you don't have to worry about this. In our Aurrex retailer in Berlin Neukölln and Wilmersdorf you get hearing devices in high quality already for free.

This offer is available upon presentation of a prescribtion of an ear specialist, which you get after a medical examination. You present us the prescribtion and with the help of one of our hearing care professionals you choose a suitable hearing device from our extensive range of modern hearing aids. When purchasing a hearing aid, statutery insureds get a payment of 10€ per hearing device.

The statutory health insurance funds subsidize all hearing aids – upon presentaion of a prescribtion of an ear specialist – about 700 € per hearing device. The exact amount differs from each statutory health insurance fund, therefore you can ask your health insurance fund about the costs in advance.

After choosing the right hearing device, our team gets in contact with you health insurance fund and handles the full process for you, so that you don't have any stress or additional work. Just look forward to your new hearing experience – without any tedious paperwork. We also give you a free of charge starter pack, with special cleaning and aftercare materials.

Our team from Aurrex in Berlin is happy to advise you about our new hearing aids for free and other interesting offers. If you have any questions about subsidities or other things around you health insurance fond, please contact or hearing aid professionals.

Entrust us. We won't let your hearing down.