Совместная работа

The first step leadseither to a hearing aid professional or to an ENT-physician, depending on you individual situation

The ENT-physician examines the ears and the hearing ability from the medical perspective. If your physician notices a conspicious hearing loss, he hands in a regulation about providing you with a hearing device. The patient has to show this regulation during the first meeting in one of our specialized shops in Berlin Wilmersdorf or Neukölln. Our specialists develop an anamnesis and perform detailed speech and sound audiometry.

Afterwards, together with our customers we choose a suitable hearing device, according to the needs and wishes of the patient. After adjusting and wearing on a trial basis, the ENT-physician carries out a post control. At the end we develop a adjustment protocol about the performed adjustment with all relevant details. This protocol is sent to the ENT-physician for viewing and control.

Other elements of cooperating with a ENT-physician are the delivery of the identity card and the hearing pass by our Aurrex team. The patient submits the documents to his ENT-physician. That way the physician stays up-to-date.

Identity card

On the identity card relevant information for the physician is given.This includes a request for transmitting the ear regeulation and information about the results of the otoscopy (observation of the auditory canal and the ear drum), that are required for a treatment by the ENT-physician.

Hearing pass

In the hearing pass our Aurrex team and the ENT-physician notes inspections during the supervision time. Therefore you should bring these documents along,whenever you have an appointment at Aurrex or your ENT-physician.