Clients comments

Hörgeräteakustiker/Hörsysteme in Berlin

Our customers are important to us

Our cutomers are important to as well as their contentment with our performance and our service. Therefore we asked some of our cusomers about their opinion and experience with Aurrex hearing systems Berlin.

Customer Alvina Kogut – Friendly team and detailed consultation!

"I have been an Aurrex client for some years now. On every follow-up appointment I feel that I am in good hands. The team is very friendly and take their time to answer all my questions. Sometimes my hearing changes, but the adaption of the hearing systems is done very fast. I am very saisfied with their service and like to go there more than once."

Customer Thorsten Müller – Perfect adjustment of my new hearing systems

"My ENT-physician diagnosed a heraing deficiency. After that I made an appointment with Aurrex. During my informational interview I learned a lot about the different hearing systems. Before that I didn't know how many different options there are. After consulation and adjustments were done, I finally got a perfectly fitting hearing system. It fits like a glove. Perfect!"

Customer Ralf Berger — Most helpful hearing test

"Some time ago I had a feeling, that I can't hear the TV as good as I used to. Therefore I did a hearing test at Aurrex and it confirmed my worries. After a consultation and a try-out of a hearing system, I decided to get one. Now I can again hear the sounds, that I didn't even know I was missing. I gladly recommend Aurrex to anyone."

Cutomer Ingeborg Kreher – Friendly team, good service

"I am very content with the service of Aurrex. The team is very friendly and always counsels me very detailed. I feel beeing in good hands and the bright rooms are very soothing. Furthermore I never forget the follow-up appointment because I always get a reminder per post. That is a very good system because I am a little oblivious sometimes."