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Hearing aid batteries

The little hearing aid batteries should be kept in a dry, safety place and stored out of the reach of children and pets. The tiny batteries can easily be swallowed. Our range includes zinc air-batteries in different size.

Please ensure the proper disposal of empty batteries. The high quality hearing aid batteries enable the proper functioning of your hearing system. In our Aurrex hearing devisec store or the Online-Shop you get the batteries for a fair price.

Cleaning accessory for hearing aids

Special cleaning accessories is indispensable for a long life of your hearing device. On set for cleaning BTE or ITE devices contains a cleaning spray, cleaning tablets and a drying container. The hearing device requires regular cleaning. With the cleaning spray residues are easily removed from the surface.

Therefore you can you a soft tissue and moisten it with the spray. Please, do not use normal cleansing agents. They may damage the sensible electronic of the hearing device. Also make sure that the electronic doesn't get in contact with water. Other deposits as for ecample earwax can be easily removed with a cotton but.


At Aurrex hearing systems in Berlin you get high guality accessory for a successful evening in front of the TV – just by yourself, with friends or family. Hear the music with good sound and listen to all sounds and conversations without any problems.

The devices have an extended range, so that you also can listen to music while beeing in the garden or on the balcony. The system is infividually adjustable according to your hearing ability. You also can connect the device with you stereo system, your TV or your radio. Feel free to contact us. We are happy to inform you about our TV-accessories for people with hearing loss.

Signal systems and alarm clocks

We are pleased to advise you in our branches in Berlin Neukölln and Berlin Wilmersdorf about signal systems and alarm clocks. In order to get up in time every morning, the alarm clocks are equiped with a clear sound, adjustable flshing lights and vibrating alert, according to your needs. The sound volume starts quiet and grows steadily louder. High and low sounds change so that even with hearing loss in high or low areas, you are able to wake up on time.

Moreover, we will provide you with signal systems, that transform sounds like the doorbell or the phone bell into flashing lights or vibrating alert. It doesn't matter if your are in the garden or in the house – the percipence of sound isn't a problem anymore..

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