Hörgeräteakustiker/Hörgeräteanpassung in Berlin

Adjusting your hearing device

In our specialized shops in Berlin-Wilmersdorf and Berlin-Neukölln we only use the latest methods to adjust your hearing aids. With a new measurement method we can optimally adjust the hearing devices to your needs and wishes.

Our hearing aid professionals always pay attention to your hearing device beeing perfectly positioned and not dropping out even if you chew very fiercly. That's why we adjust your hearing device exactly according to your ear and ear canal. Furthermore we set it accourding to your hearing loss and your hearing preferences. We show you how to insert your hearing device, how to change the volume and inform you about cleaning and care.

After the trying period we carry out fine-tuning in following appointments, so that you getthe best possible hearing with our help. Enjoy the new feeling of „normal“ hearing, because "hearing is great".