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Aurrex Hörsysteme in Berlin-Mariendorf und Berlin-Neukölln

Hearing is great – Aurrex hearing systems in Berlin-Wilmersdorf and Berlin-Neukölln

In our two specialized Aurrex shops for audiology in Berlin-Wilmersdorf and Berlin-Neukölln we guarantee the best possible hearing solution for our customers. For several years we have dedicated ourselves to people with hearing problems and through our high quality hearing devices and our service we give them back a small piece of life quality. We eliminate the barrier, that acoustically separates them from their environment.

The company founder Winfried Katz took over the business of Peter Solbach in 1979, who provided for hearing impaired people in the Sauerland region. Within the shortest time, Katz expanded the business and opened more branches. In 1981 the sole proprietorship of Mr. Katz changed into „Hearing devices Katz – Ear technic Ltd“ with the departments "Hearing devices Katz" (hearing aid products for retail) and „Ear technic“ (Manufacturing hearing devices, development and sale of software/ measurement technology)

In 1986 Katz founded the firm Aurrex. The company founder died in 2008. His wife Shanna Katz-Imambekova took over his business. Today "Aurrex hearing systems Berlin Ltd" exists in Berlin.

Detailed consultation and support by you hearing aid professionals

During your visit of one of our two specialized shops in Berlin, we always consult you in detail about hearing devices and useful accessories, we also provide you with further information. Besides, we support you in case of applying for a service at your health insurance fond. We also support you after you get your hearing aids and don't let you down.

Latest technology for an optimal hearing solution

For adjusting hearing devices our experienced team uses the latest measurement and adjustment technology, that can combine visual and acoustic perception. Furthermore we work together with well-known manufacturer to provide you with optimal care of hearing aids and to offer you the best possible sound experience. The friendly team of Aurrex hearing systems in Berlin-Neukölln and Berlin-Wilmersdorf is there for you. Contact us or visit us in one of our specialized shops.

Entrust us. Your team of Aurrex hearing systems in Berlin.

Our team

Our team

Whenever you visit us in one of our two spiecialised shops in Berlin we advise you about hearing aids ... [more]

Clients comments

Clients comments

Our cutomers are important to as well as their contentment with our performance and our ... [more]



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